Through Our Windows

Music : Conscience
Texts : Nicolas Moulard

Falling in shades of gray
Itís working its way
Uniformity is spreading
Depth, colors and shapes
Are absorbed by ink
Until the black consensus
That peeks
Through our windows.

It wraps itself around,
Forcibly embraces the world
Rushes into the open mouth
Of the drowning sources
Witness the take over
Like the end of something
Like the surrender of life
Through our windows.

Temptation might be strong
To recreate what was lost
Lit artifice, glowing illusion
An attempt to prolong the day
Through the control of ecology
Might be pervasive,
Wonít scare the feelings away.
Environment reduced
To a manageable surface
Just brings to light
The evidence of the uselessness
Of the device.

Until tomorrow
It will be night inside
Through our windows.