When It's Over

Music : Conscience
Texts : Nicolas Moulard

No first, no last
No slow, no fast
No weak, no strong
No good, no wrong

Not frustrated anymore
Not restrained anymore
Not shocked, not locked
Not pleased, not aware
Not teased, not fair

No temptation, no corruption
No vacation, no deception
No punishment, no resentment
No disappointment, no commitment

A life that is imposed on you
That you have to go through successfully
According to criterions imposed on you
By people whose finiteness defines their inability

No selfishness
No responsibility, no cruelty
No animosity, no generosity
No choices, no voices

No tears, no fears
No anguish, no relish
No waiting in vain
No dealing with pain

No peace, no bliss
No hell, no bail
No feeling, nothing
Just plain the end.

There will be flowers
Growing between your fingers
Nothing really matters
When itís over.