I Can Understand

Music : Conscience
Texts : Nicolas Moulard

I can see through these eyes
The clash of unfamiliar landscapes
Tidal waves on their toes
Ready to smash features in.
Insecure, I understand,
Defensive, I understand.

I can perceive with these ears
The murmurs of ancient demons
Who hide behind their sources
Buried deep in the past
In the attic of your mind.
Compulsive I understand,
Crazy, I understand.

I canít feel all the sorrow
But I can imagine itís there
Hidden behind the smiles
Of those closer than I think
Complying with a happiness
They find in the garbage
Playing with a dead rat
Eating grass
Too hot, too cold, no light
Or too much of it
Where misery can be regarded
As a possession.
Faithless, I understand.

I can smell through the breeze
Tears waiting to happen
Their compulsion to hurt
Their ignorance and hate
The hole in their chest
Where the voice should be
That decides itís right or wrong.
Cruel, I donít understand.

I can taste in our mouths
The bitterness of life
The mine who swallowed
The mountain of misery
They died so hard for,
When othersÖ
You sigh, I understand.