Our Lives

Music : Conscience
Texts : Nicolas Moulard

What happened in front of the piano?
Did you fall and clench the floor?
Did you get called outside in the sun?
Wasn’t black and white your color?
Did you smile, close your eyes and run?

Did you wish the train would wait?
Or did you just forget your keys home?
When you reached that fork a little late
Did you think all roads really led to Rome?

Did you have a life like I did
Before it was switched for dreams?
Do you remember the little kid
Who wouldn’t become what it seems?

I just remember watching you,
Now that the star is yawning wide,
sitting on the tip of my twig
Where my own branch took me,
Far from the nest where it started,
My head back I still squint to see
And I wonder absent-mindedly
What happened to that piano in front you.