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Parution : Octobre 2006


Half-Sick of Shadows

The ones who've already seen Conscience on stage know that this French band is talented. A first demo CD gave a glimpse of its skills; this LP confirm it. Developping a complexe and rigorous Prog Heavy, the band don't forget melodies that helps the listener not to be lost in this technical music. Songs pass by, opened to colorful universes ("Written", "The Cycle", "I Can Understand"), and high quality tracks ("Through Our Windows", "When It's Over"). It reminds me of Pain Of Salvation or Vanden Plas, and Dream Theater, as the structures are quite close. (...) The great quality lyrics are kind of philosophical and existencial poetry, which is great compares to most of the actual albums. The pack is gorgeous and it contains a Bonus DVD that introduce us to Conscience closely. A band to follow, to discover and to recommend.