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Bereavement Before Dawn

In October 2000, Dan Tordjman (drums and backing vocals) gave birth to Conscience. Since then quite a few changes have disrupted the original line-up of the band. Cyril Stauder joins the band in January 2001 after the departure of the initial bass player. He adds a new voice to the band by also performing some backing vocals. In June 2001, answering an ad seeking a guitarist, Matthieu Gerbin lands in the band with his head full of Megadeth, Coroner and Pain of Salvation, and takes up the vacant lead guitar and lead vocal roles. He brings in his suitcase Hervé Pfeiffer who will from then on perform the duties of rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Soon after that, Gérald Tanty (former keyboard player in one of Herve’s ex combos), freshly arrived in Paris, integrates into the band. The band then starts composing new songs and plays its first concerts in late 2001. In the summer 2002 Dan Tordjman announces that he can no longer be involved in the band as much as his position requires, and as a result he decides to quit the band, leaving the spot open for a new drummer. Cyril Allouche is one of the first people to answer the call and becomes an official member of Conscience at the end of October. If you like a combination of Progressive Rock, Melodic Rock and Progressive Metal then, you can really listen Conscience, this young band concentrates the best styles from all the times, clearly a new band with remarkable progressive instrumental arrangements, especially the way they worked at the Keyboard solos and guitars during all the instrumental passages, a special highlight to the Guitar´s edged sounds, it gave the arrangements a very special signature during all the solo sections, not to forget of the vocals and of the drums sounds, of course, extremely important on this combination. "Bereavement Before Dawn" was released on January 27th 2003, including five songs, almost 36min of pure delight. We go to wait one first full-length album and with more surprises. The members found their inspirations in the poems of "Nicolas Moulard", a young French author, his writings determine the compositions of the songs of the band. Conscience carried out a series of concerts in Paris and in the Paris region before entering the studio to record their first tracks. The Band is looking for halls and dates to enable others to discover their music. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "When It's Over" and "The Cycle". The musicians of the Conscience are: Matthieu Gerbin - Quitar and Vocals, Hervé Pfeiffer - Guitar and Vocals, Cyril Stauder - Bass and Vocals, Gérald Tanty - Keyboards Sampling and Cyril Allouche - Drums and Percussions. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable...