Summer Snow
I didnít cry, I didnít feel,
I didnít even hear a scream,
I was an animal
Desperate to survive.
Only when I reached the forest
Did I become human again.

Under a moonless sky
I remember shadows in the woods,
When it should have been dark.
I remember shadows growing,
Dancing slowly on the treesí bark,
Shadows more frightening than obscurity,
Bouncing to the rhythm of the fire,
And that rocked me through the night,
And that subsided with the flames,
And that died with the rest,
On the brink of daylight.
I begged for rain to stop it all,
And it is snow that came instead.
As surely as my world was gone,
They all came back to say good-bye
And I still long for the warm kisses
Of the flurries of that shower of ashes.

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Aftermath Of a Summer Snow