So this is where you have been
I am what your boy has become,
I have come to honor a thirty-year-old debt
And finally tell you what fate never let me:
Thank you for not keeping me,
Although there hasnít been a day
When I didnít want to be with you.

You will smile to know
I moved on
To your grandchildren
I would surely have
Forgotten your faces but
They are the pictures of you
I didnít have a chance to keep.

Your boy pulled me back here,
In fact he, at times, even pulls me down,
But I understand for I now see
Everything he was has passed underground.
The weight of his burden
Has me kneeling before you
In the mud, for here is finally
The rain he called for thirty years ago,
And here are finally the tears
He had saved up for you.

Where even dogs wonít find you.
I am dying to come along to safety,
To lay flat and hide again,
This time together with you.
But this is your turn, and this time,
There is only room for two.

Precedent Suivant
Aftermath Of a Summer Snow