The Army
They rose together, them and the day,
From opposite horizons,
And they and the sun,
Reached the heart of the village
At the same time
Before they went on
To their respective business,
The star to dive into the ocean,
And they, away from the light.

They had the beaten looks of those
On the way back.
And like those who donít know
When their effort will end,
They did not speak,
To save their strength.
White dust from another country
married to the salt on their faces
Gave them the air
Of a legion of ghosts.

ďAngels!Ē Some children danced.
One should have known
That without wings
Angels can only come
From the darkness below.

Is it human flaw
To seek reassurance
By looking for likeness in others
And to overlook the unknown?
It was assumed, quite hastily,
That these men were
Husbands, sons, fathers and brothers
Just like the rest of us.

Doors were unlocked,
And we gave them water.

Precedent Suivant
Aftermath Of a Summer Snow