Aftermath Of a Summer Snow
Act 1 : Now
Scene 1
The Village
Scene 2
Pebble in the sky
Scene 3
Scene 4
Marguerite Davesnelles
Scene 5
Act 2 : Then
The Army
Scene 6
There are no words...
... to say how I feel
Scene 7
... for what you have done
Scene 8
Room For One
Scene 9
Summer Snow
Scene 10
In The Solace of Harm's Way

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Aftermath of the Summer Snow

Distance repaired my world's torn foundations,
For in a round world the further you run
Beyond the furthest point, sowing the pain,
The closer to home it will take you again.

You were the one
The one who got away...

I covered my wounds in the distance I covered
I covered my wounds in the distance I covered
Before I understood The space I needed
Wasn�t measured in years But in years

Somewhere the ruins have become memories,
That in my heart finally seem as if
I were touching them on a movie screen,
Or with fingertips bitten by the cold,
Devoid of feeling.